About Facilitation

Challenging conversations go more smoothly and produce better results with the support of skilled facilitation.  Susan Sparks does not shy away from the difficult or challenging opportunities!

Experience Matters

Susan has worked for over 30 years with School teams and faculties, District level committees and task forces, Boards of Educations, and education and community partnerships.  She has served clients over the years including:

  • CASE (Colorado Association for School Executives)
  • CASB (Colorado Association of School Boards)
  • CEA (Colorado Education Association)
  • Colorado School Districts including: Thompson, Poudre, SD 27J, Harrison, Jeffco, and Adams 12 Five Star Schools

Many of these clients have asked Susan back year after year to help them navigate difficult conversations.  Susan has also facilitated Governmental agencies and not for profit groups in the sciences, recreation and arts.

Topics or requests have included:

  • Annual retreats
  • Task forces exploring a difficult issue
  • Contract negotiations using a win-win model
  • Conflict resolution and mediation
  • Visioning processes (Weisbord’s Future Search Conference Model) and hybrids of strategic planning

DSC_1158_Cropped.jpgSusan will confront the barriers and beliefs that may get in the way of the productive relationships and results.   Through modeling processes, teams are left in a better place to sustain the efforts. In addition to the immediate benefits of facilitation, structures and processes learned along the way can be applied in future work and in personal situations.

Susan is grateful for the many mentors and experiences over the years that have helped her hone her facilitation skills. She honors and exemplifies many of the teachings of  the late Robert Chadwick of Consensus Associates, Terrebonne, OR.

Read more about facilitation or email Susan with any facilitation needs you may have!