Facilitation helps groups engage in difficult conversations, collectively explore challenges, and make decisions that the team can support.  Tom and Susan will work with you to diagnose needs, create outcomes, and build agendas to support the work. Skilled facilitation keeps conversations productive and focused, balances participation, and creates a safe environment where new ideas and concerns can surface. Throughout the work, teams build new skills that far outlast our direct involvement.

  • Contract Negotiations- Susan has twenty years experience, across multiple states, serve as a neutral facilitator for labor and management. Use a consensus/interest based approach. Participants work collaboratively to resolve differences with creative win-win solutions.
  • Strategic Planning- Susan draws from a variety of models, including the Search Conference Model (Fred and Merrelyn Emery), to help teams create shared vision and collaborative action.
  • Individual and Team Development- Teams are comprised of individuals who show up with diverse attitudes and skills for working together. Susan identifies areas of strengths and needs and supports interpersonal growth and team effectiveness.
  • Conflict Resolution- Conflict a natural and expected part of life. When managed effectively, conflict can serve as a source for deep learning and change.