Why The Blind Squirrel

Tom Many and Susan Sparks share in a commitment to help schools and organizations work smarter.  Their company name comes form the story of a grandfather and his grandson watching an old squirrel frantically collecting nuts in preparation for winter. The pair marveled as the squirrel randomly headed in one direction or another until finding the much-sought treasure. This squirrel was nearly blind, but he made up for his lack of knowing where the acorns might be with hard work and determination.


After much exertion, when the squirrel finally found his treasure, the grandfather exclaimed, “Will you look at that . . . even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while.”

At times, educators may feel like this build squirrel, working feverishly for to help students learn, but feeling like results are unpredictable. In many cases, educators are  living the parable of the blind squirrel and need to find ways to work smarter, not harder.

Tom Many and Susan Sparks Support Structures for Learning

As illustrated by the parable of the blind squirrel, no substitute exists for hard work and persistence.  That said, in focusing on key priorities and employing strategies of Professional Learning Communities, hard work can be rewarded with consistent, positive results.  With decades of professional experience, Tom and Susan help school and district leaders focus on what’s most important and develop plans for success.  Behaving as a professional learning community, schools show greater alignment and focus. By consciously working to become a learning community and building deliberately on  shared mission, vision, values and goals, staff confidence grows and students succeed.

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